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Twinr's cookies and cache mechanisms feature significantly improves the performance of a mobile app by reducing load time and improving user experience.

Real-Time App Updates

Make real-time updates to your app that users will see immediately, without the need for app store or play store review. This can save time and keep your app current.

Twinr Automation Engine

Twinr app automation engine creates app, removes header and footer, adds brand logo, and creates screens automatically for you.

Multiple Devices

Twinr is a versatile platform that supports a range of Android and iOS devices, including phones, tablets, and ipads in various sizes.

Mobile App Customization

Customize the appearance and functionality of your mobile app with Twinr to meet specific needs and preferences, improving the user experience and increasing app success.

Remove Elements

Improve user experience by removing unwanted elements such as website header, footer, and menu when creating the app.

Multi Domain Apps

Twinr enables the creation of mobile apps using multi-domain websites, allowing users to use multiple websites in a single app.

Cart Refresh

Twinr's cart refresh feature automatically updates all app screens when changes are made to the shopping cart by users.

URL Policy

Elegantly choose where the content is displayed - in a mobile app, app browser, or in mobile browser - providing full flexibility.

Hamburger Menu

Apply native customizable hamburger menu from 3 styles, used for collapsible and expandable navigation menu.

Custom Permission Text

Customize permission text messages while requesting app permissions for better understanding of user with Twinr.

Responsible URL

Responsible URL feature allows for the elegant redirection of different URLs to specific tabs, using expressions based on URL matching.

Icons Library

Customize your mobile app with ever growing Twinr's native icons library and personalize your mobile app with your branding.

Apply External CSS

Modify the look of your app from website by applying external CSS styles and change look and feel exclusively within the app.

Apply Custom JavaScript

Twinr offers flexibility to explore the creative side of your and enable unlimited possibilities with applying custom JavaScript.

Extensions and Integrations

Easily integrate Twinr features from integrations and extensions that can elevate mobile app user experience like never done before.

No Internet View

Avoid user frustration and confusion with customizable No Internet View, and replace infinite loader when the app is used without an internet connection.

Pull To Refresh

Handle general usage scenarios and quickly refresh content with pull to refresh, a user-friendly UI feature offered by Twinr for mobile apps.

Custom User Agent

Identify whether the request is coming from website or mobile app by integrating custom user agent from Twinr platform.

Apply Custom Fonts

Twinr offers a wide range of customizable fonts for use in apps, with over 1400 options available in various weights, sizes, and other customization options.

Page Loader

Customize the native page loader with over 50 design options, adjust the color, and size to personalize with your brand guidelines.

App Review

Request your mobile app users to leave reviews of your app on the Stores. It helps the mobile app in increasing organic reach, and app improvement.

App Onboarding

Help users on how to use the mobile app with App Onboarding by providing a series of screens introducing app features and functions, with tutorials or tips.

Enhance Mobile App Quality with Twinr

Improve mobile app user experience, monetize your app and setting up push notifications to boost up user engagement for better branding and customer retention.

In-App Purchase

Selling Digital Goods Made Easy

Twinr enables in-app purchases for Android and iOS apps, allowing the sale of digital goods and services like subscriptions and virtual currency.

Multi-Language Support

Go Global with Localisation

Twinr offers industry-leading language support and automatic translation capabilities, with support for over 136 languages.

Google AdMob

Monetize App With Google AdMob

Twinr supports Google AdMob for easy app monetization through banner, interstitial, and app open ads, helping app developers generate revenue through clicks and impressions with ease.

Push Notifications

You can use Firebase to send targeted push notifications to your users to keep them informed of news, promotions, and announcements, and to reengage them if they have been inactive. These notifications can be used to increase user engagement and drive conversions.

Grow User Engagement with Generalised Push Notifications

Leverage generalised push notifications to broadcast important alerts, timely information, or updates to end app users. Push notification can be helpful to grow user engagement and experience by Informing your users about news, promotional offers or reminders.

Increase Conversion with Abandoned Cart Notifications

Increase your revenue growth by using Twinr’s abandoned cart notifications that allows you to send reminders to your customers who have added items in their shopping cart but didn’t purchase them. Drive actions and increase conversions using abandoned cart notifications.

Schedule User Communications using Scheduled Push Notifications

Schedule upcoming pre-determined notifications at specific date and time to deliver it to users. It can remind users about upcoming events, deadlines, re-engage inactive users, or promote offers. Schedule push notifications in advance and stay worry free.

Elevate User Experience with Personalized Push Notifications

Improve user experience for your customers with Twinr’s industry leading personalized push notifications. Based on users behavior and preferences, provide them with targeted relevant information such as promotion, reminder, news, and many more.

Native Buttons

Worried about webview? Add native buttons from rich set of Twinr's app customization options and stay worry free for app approval.


Offer quick access to the users for important functionalities or a specific page in the app by using Twinr's native Linker button.

Native Cart

Allows users to view and manage items in their virtual shopping cart and complete their purchase with the native shopping cart button.

Native Link Sharing

Share items or blogs that you like from the app with friends, and others on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms.

JavaScript Injector

Explore unlimited possibilities with JavaScript injector button and perform any specific actions when user clicks on the button in the mobile app.

Tag Selector

Initiate the same reaction as clicking on a designated element on a website by utilizing the Twinr's Native Tag Selector button.


Better guide users with the collapsible and expandable navigation menu in the mobile app for clean and enhanced user interface.

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